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Christopher Allen Walters

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He had a heart of gold...

In September 2014, Christopher Walters passed away here in Arizona. He was a loving father, son, brother, uncle and friend.

Chris left a lasting impression on anyone who knew him. He lived life to the fullest and at 40 years old was still an avid skateboarder and loved his old school punk music.

He was intent on donating one of his kidneys to our father and with his sudden passing was unable to do so. He did however, having the heart of gold he did, sign up for organ donation and was able to donate as much as he could.

He will forever be missed and loved by us and we are so proud that he was part of the Donor Network of Arizona. We hope to hear from the lives he touched someday in the future…

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  1. January 14th, 2017 | Max Walters |

    I love you Daddy

  2. January 14th, 2017 | Max Walters |

    I love you Daddy

  3. January 14th, 2017 | Max Walters |

    I love you Daddy

  4. January 14th, 2017 | Max Walters |

    I love you Daddy

  5. January 30th, 2015 | Juliana ochoa |

    Love you

  6. January 30th, 2015 | Juliana ochoa |

    4 months ago you were here with me now you are not 4 months ago they told me the worst news that I had heard they told me that you were not going to be here with me no more you were and are a very important person in my life I told you a lot of things that only I would trust you that I would not ever tell no one else I miss you a lot I Really did not consider you a friend because you were like a big brother to me I really really really miss you me and you did a lot of things you even let me put make up on you that is a true friend I love you I really hope you were here with me right now I don't like people seeing me cry but I can't hold it in it is jest really hard for me to hold it in I love you and miss you big brother (DIABLO) ❤️❤️⛪️⛪️

    • January 31st, 2015 | Anonymous |

      He loved you all so much!!! I'm so glad that we have you all in our lives, you are the most wonderful, sweetest, kind family. We all love you so much! Such a beautiful picture!


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