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She touched others with her gift of life...

In September of 2014, my 34-year-old daughter Camille Fair Young collapsed outside of a Circle K in Phoenix, Arizona. To date, we do not know why she collapsed and went without oxygen for 45 minutes. Two days later Camille was declared dead. We knew this might happen, and the family had decided that we wanted her to be an organ donor.

We told the doctor, and upon her death the Donor Network of Arizona came to speak to us. We found out she was already a registered organ donor. To this day, the fact that she has touched people with her gift of life is what keeps me from falling apart. Camille left us her daughter, Ariel, who is now 15 years old. Ariel has conducted herself with a maturity beyond her years, but I can say that her mother’s organ donation has allowed her to find solace during this time of grief.

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