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She gave her gifts of life...

Brittany Devon Maddux was a beautiful young mom who had a lifetime of dreams for her and her beautiful daughter, Andrea.

Unfortunately, life had other plans and demons for her to try and cope with. Just a couple of months before her 25th birthday her life spiraled out of control and she is forever 24.

Through her tragedy God’s amazing grace has afforded five individuals to carry on their lives where theirs were ending. She gave her gifts of life and brought them a new version of themselves. We love and miss her every day and we know she walks alongside her precious daughter and guides her through life. Someday I hope to meet the recipient who lives and breathes with her heart in their chest. It would be amazing to hear her heart beat.

*Poem on photo*
My Final Gift
It is now the time for me to move on
Into the dusk, but also the dawn
I will remain as the morning comes
As I left behind a gift for someone
So another may walk, may talk, may see
Where their life was locked, I offered a key
I am a donor to someone in need
My final gift, my final deed.

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