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Brett was always helping the underdog...

Brett, 17 years old, along with two of his friends, was on the way back to his friend’s townhouse after watching a movie, when the three of them were approached by two other boys. After the two groups went their separate ways, the two boys circled back around the townhome complex to meet up with their gang member friends. That group of boys (about 16-18 of them between the ages of 8-16) encircled Brett and his friends to rob and beat them. Suddenly, shots rang out (19 in all) and everyone ran. Brett jumped over a small bush at the same time as one of the shooters shot toward him. Instead of going over Brett’s head, the bullet entered just under his right ear and exited just over his left eye. Brett was transported to the hospital where he was on mechanical support for two days. Once the family understood that Brett would never survive, the Donor Network made arrangements for Brett’s donations. Since the cause of death was a homicide, some organs were considered evidence, meaning not all of the organs could be donated. Even though we were not allowed to donate all we wanted to, Brett was still able to help up to 70 people. These included two men in Brazil that are now able to see due to receiving Brett’s corneas as well as a local police officer, severely burned in an auto accident, that received Brett’s skin about six months later. Brett was always helping the “underdog” and continued to do so in death.

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  1. April 14th, 2019 | James |

    Not a day of my life goes by that I don't think of you I have never been able to accept that your gone you are still the best friend I have ever had in my life till this date I love you as my brother and you will forever be my brother and I miss you so much I never imagined losing my best friend I have never been the same I think the only reason I'm still in this world is because I wanted to do great things because I knew you would be watching at first in life I was an absolute mess then I began to think what would Brett say or think of what I'm doing and I began to talk to people about my problems and learned that I was suffering from PTSD and I need help badly and after years of chaos and madness in my life I was finally coming back to life and I realized that ten years had past I grew up hard and I have had many hardships but getting over your death was and is a hardship I have not forgotten or movin forward easily from my love for you was like no other you were like my not so little brother and I've never had a friendship like ours again but I want you to know I'm okay now and can feel your presence with me when I'm having a hard time and not wanting to let you down is part of what keeps me going and not to mention I have a little boy that is blond haired blue eyed and reminds me of you so much not just in looks but in heart spirit and man is he tough I love you brother forever missing you James

  2. April 14th, 2019 | Carolee Holbrook |

    In a few days, it will be your death anniversary. Just adding the last picture of you that was accidently taken.


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