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Life is great...

One month after my 65th birthday, I was taken to the hospital where I found out I was in stage 4 liver failure and was expected to die within 6 months if I did not obtain a liver transplant.

In December I was waiting in the ICU when a liver was offered to my transplant team for me. The efforts of my organ donor’s family, my transplant team, and Donate Life Arizona saved my life.

I now live an active retired life traveling, swimming, supporting others waiting for a organ transplant, and volunteering for donation awareness. Life is great!

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  1. octubre 14th, 2016 | Bob kelley |

    It's now 46 months of life that I would never had seen without my donor and Donate Life. Every day I wake up and give thanks to my donor and his family for their compassion for life to continue through donation. I have returned to my old inventor self and have designed a new piece of test equipment. This would never had been invented without my second chance at life.

  2. noviembre 22nd, 2014 | bob kelley |

    My donor's father put this on his facebook page. Thank you Malcolm. Bob Kelley received Casey's liver on Dec 20, 2012 and he has been vigorous, loving, and appreciative ever since. No one better deserved it. He knows, as the poem goes, that he carries an organ of gold, From our sweet boy, who will never grow old, His is a life saved by our own, Its true what they say, that life goes on. We love you Bob Jo Anne, Malcolm, and Casey's family and friends Remember Casey Wilkinson

  3. noviembre 17th, 2014 | Bob Kelley |

    A little video I put together to honor my donor. My angel up in heaven.

    • abril 10th, 2016 | Dad of powers scara dawn |

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tribute to your donor. My dad is and was a donor and received his wings on February 19th 2016 and I am so pound of him for the gifts he gave. This helped warm my heart. Thank you

  4. octubre 24th, 2014 | Bob Kellet |

    Almost everyone I know that has received a organ transplant appears to have had a miracle occur to have been allowed to have their gift of life. The surgeons are the hands of God, The donors allow Gods work to be done, and the caregivers are the sweat and tears of the process. Here is my Celebration of Life.

  5. octubre 14th, 2014 | bob kelley |

    My liver transplant story

  6. octubre 14th, 2014 | Anonymous |

    A poem I wrote for my donor angel

  7. octubre 13th, 2014 | Elizabeth Simpson |

    So proud of you!you have a great testimony and we are all blessed when you share your story.

  8. octubre 13th, 2014 | Anonymous |

  9. octubre 13th, 2014 | Lisa LeGer |

    Bob is my father and he is my hero. He was so deserving of a second chance and now he is doing everything he can to support others along their journey for transplant, as well as spending his extra time signing up donors. Bob Kelley is a father to 8 and a grandfather to 22, he is a vietnam veteran and lives each day fully, with gratitude and an abundance of love for life. We met our donor family as my father was giving a speech to Verde Valley Medical Center, this is where my fathers organ was recovered.. it was a moment we will never forget. The Wilkinsons are amazing people and we are so grateful for the compassion and love that they share. Their son Casey, saved my father's life, he was only 20 and from what I have heard, he was an amazing kid...I wish we could have known him... another reminder that life is so short. You never know what will happen. Live life fully, Love unconditionally and Share your journey. <3 ~ Lisa LeGer


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