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He will be forever missed, forever remembered, forever loved...

Andrew is my youngest son. He was 32 years old, and we lost him in May of 2016. He was the most kindhearted, loving, giving and honest person I have had the pleasure to know. He was a big guy, almost 7′ tall with a big heart. He loved his family, especially his nephew, Michael! Being his mom was a special gift, one that I can never replace. I miss him every minute of every day and wish it were me instead of him who had to leave this earth. I did not know that my baby, my young man, my son, was an organ donor. Because of his kind, loving spirit and his courage, two people now have the gift of sight. A loving remembrance of the man he was and how he lived. He will be forever missed, forever remembered, forever loved! He is with his brother, Michael, who passed away in August of 1995 and his daddy, who passed away in June of 2014. Andrew lives in our loving memories of him…Love you, Sweetie!…your Mom

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