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I wish I could express to them what an enormous impact their loved one made...

I was inspired to become a donor after my beloved Aunt Barb received a successful double lung transplant. She struggled with a lung disease known as LAM for over a decade. Despite always leading a very healthy, extremely active life and being young, this condition made her barely able to breathe and threatened to take her life. She is such an inspiring woman. I’ve never heard anything but positivity come from her. She was never handed anything but managed to travel the world, have a successful career, be married to her husband Mark for over thirty some years, raise 2 very well rounded daughters. She is always humble despite being such an inspiration and loved by so many. Despite her health struggles and facing a major surgery, she only thought of others and offered me support and advice in my life. She asked only that we pray for the donors family. While I can never imagine the grief they have, my heart goes out to them and I wish I could express to them what an enormous impact their loved one made when choosing to be a donor. I now see no other option than to follow in their footsteps in also making that decision.

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