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Generosity comes from those with great hearts...

Generosity comes from those who have great hearts, and it’s such a blessing to know such individuals like how I knew my sister Andrea.

It’s never easy to describe my sister, because I don’t feel like there are words perfect enough to tell who she was. Andy, as we would call her, was an angel in my life. She was my older sister who taught me so much, who helped me through so much, and who was always there no matter what. She was my best friend. Andy was so generous in everything she did. She was always thinking of others and what she could do to help.

I never imagined a life without any of my siblings, but one day, I found myself without my sister anymore. It’s hard not to be sad when I think of Andy, but what helps me overcome the sorrow is remembering her last act of love, which was being a donor of her corneas. Andrea was the only one out of six children who had green eyes, they were beautiful, big and light green. It amazes me that in the end, they were able to save her corneas.

I don’t have words to explain the great impact and example she left behind for me, my family, her friends, and those who have heard her story. Because of Andrea’s decision to be an organ and tissue donor, she was able to give the gift of sight to two other women so they could enjoy the beauty of life again.

I honor her memory through the great woman she was in my life because she showed absolute bravery, generosity, selflessness, and gave unconditional love to all. She showed me the importance and generosity one can share by being a donor – to give the gift of life. She still lives on this earth to help others, and she is always with me.

Andy, forever with me.

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