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Always living the dream...

Alex Giannini was a son, brother, and friend for many people. He was always helping others. He had a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Alex was a high academic achiever and excellent athlete. He enjoyed running and competing in different marathon charities and always placed well. In his spare time, he loved fly fishing, the outdoors, and traveling.

From a young age, Alex always knew he wanted to work in law enforcement, and at age 14 began volunteering at his local police department as a Police Explorer with the Roseville Police Department. Alex also loved his coffee, and at age 16 got his first job as a Barista for Starbucks. Alex was well-liked by all his customers and co-workers and all of them were saddened to see him leave; however, happy for him to start the next chapter in his life as a United States Border Patrol Agent.

Alex was the youngest student in his academy class at 19 years of age, yet his age never played a factor. Alex was well-liked by everyone in his academy class and at his work station in Wilcox, Arizona. At age 24, Alex accomplished so much: college, dream job, vacations around the world, dream house, dream jeep he built, and his last accomplishment was becoming a donor and helping others.

If Alex would want to give anything else he would want to leave the message and his motto of “always living the dream” and how important that is, because life is a gift just as donating organs for others is a gift. Alex’s donation was his choice, and as a family it made us very happy to know that he wanted to keep helping others as he did in his life.

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