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We want to let others know they aren't alone...

Here is a little of our story. Hello, we are three siblings that started the company Abnormal Hearts! Our names are Adilene, Thaide and Adolfo. Cardiomyopathy runs in our family. Growing up we let this disease define what we could do and who we were. We thought that we would die young because it’s all we knew. In 2005, when Adilene received her first heart transplant, it gave us a ray of hope. In 2006, our way of life changed when Adolfo received his heart from a direct donation from his uncle. It was a hard process from going through a coma to being told he wouldn’t make it through the night multiple times, but we were able to push through it all. Our life experiences taught us to look at things differently, and Thaide, still having the heart disease has learned to look beyond that sickness to become the person she is today despite the days where you wake up tired, and when shortness of breath is your best friend. Despite it all, we wanted to show the world that an Abnormal Heart isn’t a heart that is sick, but instead a heart that gets up and fights no matter what comes at it.

We want to use our story to let others know they aren’t alone. To let everyone know that they can be much more than a diagnoses. May the story of our HEART inspire the fight in many. Heart disease, scars and sickness will never stop your legacy. We have been given the most amazing gift. The gift of life!

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