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Welcome to, a home for generosity and compassion in Arizona. Here you will be inspired by the more than 2 million Arizonans who have registered their wishes to help others through organ, tissue and cornea donation.

The Wall of Life

The Wall of Life is being built by our community - virtually - one name at a time. It is a visible and powerful symbol that bears testimony to selfless giving and offers tangible hope to those who are in need of organ and tissue transplants, now and in the future.

You are personally invited to become part of this online community of generosity. Welcome to a place where hope, goodness, compassion and gratitude find their expression on a Wall of Life.

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Stories from the Wall

No matter what your story, you can help write a bright chapter in the lives of others. On the Stories from the Wall page, you can read the personal accounts of those whose lives have been touched by donation. You’ll find memories of organ and tissue donors who saved and healed the lives of others. You’ll read about recipients who received a second chance, and those who are still waiting for theirs. And you’ll find stories that tell why Arizonans are registering to be donors. Join them, and add your story too.

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DonateLifeAZ Registry

The DonateLifeAZ Registry is administered by Donor Network of Arizona (DNA), the nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organization for the state of Arizona. DNA saves and heals the lives of Arizonans through dedicated and passionate work.

You can change lives in the future by joining the DonateLifeAZ Registry. By saying “yes” to sharing life, you are giving voice to generosity and providing a great example to fellow Arizonans of what it means to be hope for others.

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Donation Facts

  • More than 2,300 Arizonans are currently waiting for an organ transplant.
  • Every 11 minutes, another name is added to the national waiting list, and each day, 19 people die waiting for their organ transplant.
  • One organ donor can save eight lives, and one organ and tissue donor can save and heal up to 50 lives.
  • Major religions and spiritual groups support donation and view it as a gift of life to a fellow human being.
  • The first responsibility of medical professionals is to save lives. Organ and tissue donation is an option only after all life-saving measures have failed.
  • There is no cost to the family for donation. All expenses related to organ and tissue donation are assumed by Donor Network of Arizona.
  • The DonateLifeAZ Registry is a secure database. Your information is never sold or shared.

Contact Donor Network of Arizona is administered by Donor Network of Arizona, the nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organization for the state of Arizona. Call 602- 222-2200 or email for any questions or comments you may have regarding organ, tissue and cornea donation. If you would like to edit your donor registration, please visit